This warm autumn will give you a lot of bright emotions

It`s time to go to Lviv for a weekend, because September is full of events that you`ve been waiting for:

1.09 – big concert by the popular Ukrainian performer Alexander Ponomarev, accompanied by a symphony orchestra (Ennio Event Square)
2.09 – do not miss  Symphonic Depeche Mode  (Malevich Concert Arena)
3-5.09 – You can enjoy the aroma of coffee at  Lviv Coffee Festival (Potocki Palace)  
3.09 –  Pikkardiyska Tertsiya will perform an exclusive program  «The Garden of Angelic songs» at the Metropolitan Gardens (Garden of St. George’s Cathedral )   
4.09 – Listen to  World hits performed by orchestra (Metropolitan Gardens)  
9.09 – invite your loved one to a French Music Evening(Hotel Restaurant Kavalier)
10-12.09 – European Heritage Days in Lviv will be held under the theme «A city for everyone»  
10-12.09 – Craft Beer & Vinyl Music Festival #9 – ninth craft beer and vinyl music festival (Fest Republic)
15-19.09 – 28th Lviv international  BookForum — the main cultural festival of Ukraine  
16.09 – Odyn v Kanoe– warm open-air concert in Lviv (Ennio Event Square)
21.09 – For the first time in Ukraine!  Stephen Ridley concert (Lviv national Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre)
22.09 – legendary Lords of the Sound «Music of Hans Zimmer» (Lviv national Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre)