Easter in Lviv

Easter is a glorious feast of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Lviv, all believers will gather in churches for the Holy Liturgy and will consecrate Easter dishes.

You can join the sacrament and try Easter goodies from April 19 to May 12 at the Easter Fair. You can also experience the atmosphere of Ukrainian traditions and customs on Easter itself in the open-air museum «Shevchenko Hai».

Concert DJazz Music Fest – Alex Fokin RadioBand Orchestra

On March 25 at the Solomiya Krushelnytska Lviv State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet will be an impressive event, which will combine modern instrumental music and extraordinary improvisation of leading virtuosos from different countries. It is the orchestra, whose members are number one in the current rating among performers on their instrument. At present, Alex Fokin RadioBand is a unique orchestra of the so-called Swedish warehouse. A distinctive feature of the collective is the records, made only live.

Tickets are available at https://tickets.karabas.com/

The «Sukhishvili» Georgian National Ballet in Lviv

On March 23 you’ll be able to feel a special Georgian color in Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet. The Ballet has approximately 100 dancers and more than 2500 unique, authentic costumes. Many people are waiting for their concerts from all over the world. During two hours you will be able to feel the atmosphere of Georgian life, dance, and color, accompanied by an orchestra, whose music will unfold the entire history of Georgia on stage. You can buy tickets on gastroli.ua and lviv.karabas.com.

Concert of the band KAZKA on February 14 in Lviv

On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, feel a special magical atmosphere in the Malevich club, because the KAZKA band will be performing there! If you want to enjoy real Ukrainian music that has won a million hearts around the World or simply spend an unforgettable evening with your beloved – buy tickets on https://cshow.biz.ua or https://concert.ua!

KAZKA prepared a lot of positive lyrics, emotions and impressions for the guests!

Christmas holidays in Lviv

Very soon Lviv will be celebrating Christmas Holidays. People from all over the world come to us to celebrate Christmas and to have good time here!
This year St. Nikolas will visit Lviv. You can tell him all your dreams and get a sweet present!
St. Nikolas will wait for you at the Christmas Fair, which will start on the 2nd of December and will last till the 20th of January! Do not miss the opportunity to taste different sweets and warm yourself with a delicious mulled wine.
Also, on the 7th of January various concerts, vertepes and master classes will be waiting for you!
And of course, do not forget to visit our Christmas tree and to skate on an ice-rink, which is located on the Rynok Square, so you can not only skate but admire the beauty of Lviv, too.
This is not a complete list of events that will take place in Lviv during the holidays. That’s why, we invite you to our fabulous city and guarantee you a lot of fun and a lot of snow, of course!
See you in Art Deco Central Rooms 😉